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Smarter Way To Sell Your Home!
We're Smart Path Realty. We offer a simple selling
solution that saves you tons of time and money!
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No Headache.     No Hassle.     No 3% Fee.
Our listing package only costs $1000! Yes, you read that right - $1000

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It's as easy as 1, 2, 3
Then, you sit back, relax, and simply enjoy the feeling of closing on your home!
technology driven real estate solution

A technology driven realty solution that gets you the best price on your house and actually costs less? Yes, you've seen the future!

We're realty ninjas (a.k.a. super awesome Licensed Realtors®) who decided to create a web-based platform to help homeowners like you easily sell their home without having to give away hard earned equity.

For once, you won't get what you pay for - you'll get a whole lot more! Yes, we save you money, but no, we don't cut corners. When you sell through Smart Path Realty, you receive high-quality customer service from super smart realtors who know how to position your home for a successful sale.

We keep your costs low by charging a one-time SMART FEE. Unlike typical agents who earn 3% from the sale, you won't pay us a commission on the price of your home. What's that mean for you? Basically, you save lots and lots and lots of money!

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