About Smart Path Realty

So, you wanna know who we are?

Smart Path Realty is NOT your grandma’s* real estate company! We’re a little – actually, scratch that – a lot different.

SPR is a full service web-based real estate company that uses innovative technology to make buying and selling a home super simple. As a veteran owned company, SPR instills the military’s ideals of Integrity, Service, and Excellence into everything we do. We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay more when you can pay less – and that’s why instead of paying a 3% commission on the sale price of your home, Smart Path only charges an upfront, one-time Smart Fee of $500 or $1000. By paying our Smart Fee, you will save thousands of dollars, which is pretty awesome, don’t ya think? And yes – that does let us sleep good at night.

*You didn’t really think we’d discriminate against grandmas, did you? We love grandmas & we’re happy to help them buy or sell their home – as long as they have internet access.

At Smart Path Realty, We Do What We Love & Love What We Do!