We love helping people sell their home. But more importantly, we love helping people save money and time while selling their home! One of the biggest transitions in your life doesn’t have to be painful or stressful – that’s why we created this company – to offer you a smarter way to sell your home!

Recently, we helped a Smart Seller save $20,000 in realtor fees, and avoid unnecessary hassle and stress. After enduring less than great experiences with two realtors, Colleen came to Smart Path. Below is her story.

“I want to refer the amazing realtor who finally sold my home, effortlessly and painlessly for top dollar with only an it’s coming soon sign –¬†David Montalvo with Smart Path Realty! David saved me around $20,000 in Realtor Fees!!!!!! And, he effectively negotiated multiple offers on my home. Selling a home in Austin, I have learned, is a tricky process. If your Central Austin (especially) property ‘sits’ for any amount of time, it’s value can be rapidly diminished with each passing day. If you are selling your home – don’t take any chances!

My first Realtor told me that Austin is a “year round market.” False. My 2nd realtor lost 3 back to back contracts on my home and in addition to this, she was extremely difficult to work with and unprofessional. If I had taken her extremely poor advice and lowered the price of my home by an additional $20,000 as she suggested…after her 3rd contract fell through, I would have lost literally tens of thousands of dollars!

I was so grateful when I found David! He is a full-service professional realtor and he charges a small fraction of the fee you will pay to most realtors who charge 3%, as I mentioned, I personally saved $20,000 alone in realtor fees with him and in addition to this, I sold my home for it’s true value! David is familiar with all of Austin, as he grew up here and attended UT. He is a pleasure to work with and only accepts full commissions when he is helping you purchase a home (no cost to you as a buyer), use him to sell and buy, you won’t regret it! Thanks so much David Montalvo!” Colleen


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